Independence Day

I often say that directing a race is so similar to running the race – you train, you do all the preLIZ_2935p, you think of all the contingencies and you plan.  Sometimes no matter how much you prepare – you just can’t execute that race strategy because something you didn’t predict occurred or it just isn’t your day.  But sometimes – you have a great race and you PR!  I feel like we PR’ed in Bristol this year.  🙂

The Bristol race is close to my heart.  It is my hometown so I always want to show it off, and represent the 4th of July Committee well.  Bristol at this time of year is so exciting and magical.  I wanted the race and the course to mirror this excitement and to showcase what makes it so fun this time of year.  The sailing history, the architecture, peaceful harbor, the beauty of Colt State Park – and all in the backdrop of Red, White and Blue.

This is our second year of the race so we are stLIZ_3621ill learning what works as far as traffic plans, course markings, capable vendors, runner experience and resident impact.  I personally run or ride the course multiple times in advance to look at possible race day scenerios.  But again – you never know.  For example – last year’s rain – at high tide no less – well, we just could not plan for that.

This year, we were able to execute our plan and it is the best feeling in the world – to see all those happy faces and read all the kind words from our participants.  I truly believe the happiest place on earth is a finish line as it is so amazing to witness the joy that is there.  We strive to help you reach your own PRs, to
help you attain your goals, and we are incredibly lucky to be part of your race day.

While we PR’ed, we certainly didn’t break any records and we know it wasn’t perfect.   We want your feedback, we can always learn and do better – after all, there are always new PRs for all of us – on both sides of the coned running lane!