Taking It Off Road

This summer I have reinvigorated my running a bit: Going left when I normally go right, listening to new “curated” playlists rather than my tried, true and tired playlist – but mostly taking to the trails instead of the roads. It has been just what I needed to reignite the love, awe and enjoyment of running.

We have a place near Gunstock Mtn in NH so I have been running on the cross country ski trails and along hiking trails in the area. Also, I have been enjoying the cross country courses in Colt State Park and City Park in Warwick and finally, setting the course for the Wine Run in the Vineyards of Greenvale. There is something about running through the woods, either alone or in a group – that is so raw and natural that it reminds us that we were meant to run.

Some of my favorite things about running off road:

  • Not knowing what to expect – rather than see the same house and the same car on my same routes, I come upon gurgling streams, peek at amazing and unexpected water views, see nature in its truest form.
  • Taking the focus off the pain that can be part of running when you know the route by heart and have nothing better to think about. I am focusing more on watching my footsteps and deciding which trail to go.
  • Being just slightly afraid of running into a bear or a Fischer cat or a coyote but loving when I come upon a bunny or gecko or some cool rock wall or marking.
  • Strengthening all those little muscles and tendons in my feet, ankles and knees that are needed for trail running but not for the repetitiveness of the roads.

I love that every run is an adventure and that I feel like I am discovering it for the first time. I am seeing things that can only be seen by someone on foot, to take time out of my over-processed world to get back to our roots.

So if you if you have never run off road, or especially if you have – I invite you to join us at Greenvale Vineyards on August 27th and experience a different kind of running. The course is completely on the property of Greenvale and you will be running in and around the different vines of grape varieties. You will be forced to slow down, watch your step and focus on your path, but be awakened by the rawness of this type of running. You will come upon sneaky peeks of farms, historic homes and views of the bay, all while running through vines of wine grapes! And as if this wasn’t enough – we will reward you afterwards with food and wine! 

Register today at this link!  Hope to see you there!