A Month of Thanks – Two Year Anniversary!

November is not only when we close out our racing season and start planning the next one, it is also a time of thanks AND our anniversary.  It is a time for us to reflect on what went right this year, how we can improve next year but also – to be grateful for what you, our participants, allow us to do.

Before we begin the nuts and bolts of planning the next season, it is a time of reflection; to sit and take a breath and unwind from the pace of the races.  As we have stated before, producing road races is very similar to actually running in them.  You plan out your racing strategies, you focus on your strengths, you do research and you train. But also – you ask yourself – “What are my race goals?  Why am I doing this?”

fist pump finishRunning a half marathon or marathon takes a lot of time, and it can physically hurt.  It requires a good amount of dedication – so you need to have your goals and priorities in place to put yourself, and often times your families, through this.

We recognize the sacrifices that you and your families go through to get to that finish line.  Our goal is to always give you the best race experience possible because of this dedication.  You have done the work, and we should too.  Proposal-4935

So in November, we look at “hardware” – registration pages, websites, sponsors, etc – as well as “software” – what amenities can we add, how can we improve our race day experience, what are our goals this coming season.

But mostly we are grateful – grateful that we are able to do this, happy to call so many of our participants and vendors our friends, honored that you have raced wiliz_2015th us again this year.

As a thank you – anyone that signs up for the Newport or Providence race before Thanksgiving weekend is over will receive a free sticker.  Use code “GRATEFUL” in the coupon code box for the $5 sticker to be discounted to $0.

Hope you all can join us in 2018 for YEAR 3!


13.1 Sticker