Spring is in the air (?)

Like many of you are probably feeling, this winter is starting to wear thin.  We have training runs on the calendar, races on the horizon – it is time for green grass and Spring jackets!  The daffodils were popping up and then were buried under a foot of snow!  But Cliff Walk shotnevertheless – this is New England. And even though winter is getting a bit long in the tooth, it is still beautiful and we love running here.  There is quiet beauty around every corner and bend so we continue to run and enjoy nature’s majesty.

As we have run and trained through the dark of winter for those Spring races, each run has been a test of our mental strength – strength we will need to pull from in the long last miles of the race.  Those tough miles will be worth it when you are ready to toe that line, to cross under that finishing arch.  Much like nature is doing its work beneath the bathhouse runsurface in winter for its amazing Spring time awakening, your winter miles are growing your roots for your first race of the year.  All that work beneath the surface will come to fruition in the Spring and you will burst through with sunshine and color!  (At least, that is the plan!)

And like your winter training, we have been busy in the off season, cultivating our relationships with our vendors and partners, tending to our operational plans and itching to burst forth into the Spring time.  We continue to tweak our event plans, doing research on what you all want from us and how we can best meet your goals as a runner. We have reviewed the year end surveys and made some decisions based on your responses, to see what works best for all involved.

So we are ready – ready to race through the daffodils in Newport.  Ready to set some PRs, ready to Spring forth!

Who is with us?

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