Planning for Year 5!!!

What is the gift for the FIVE year anniversary?  I am hoping it is MEDAL – because we have some awesome ones for next year!!

SINCE – our 2020 Rhode Master Series is OFFICIALLY open!

So what is the Rhode Master Series?  Here is a not-quite-complete list:

  • Discoimage011unt when you sign up for 3 or more races at the same time.
  • Awesome Series Medal that will be awarded after completion of your first race
  • Top of the Industry BocoGear running headwear exclusive to the Series, awarded after completion of your 3rd race.
  • Exclusive to the Series L/S Rhode Master shirt, awarded after completion of 4 races
  • Rhode Master Apparel and sticker for completing ALL 5 RACES!
  • VIP bib pick up at all races
  • VIP Parking in Newport (no shuttles!)IMG_1251
  • Reserved race day bib pick up in Newport and Providence, if you so choose
  • Private Facebook group
  • Chance to be named Rhode Master Champion in the Series Age Group Awards.

To join the crazy group, just select our 3, 4 or 5 Race Bundle on any of our registration pages! 

But before we get there, our next event is the Hangover Classic 5 miler.  This old-school race is in its 35th running and it is the best way to kick off the New Year.  On January 1, run around Bristol Harbor, historic Coggeshall Farm and through stunning Colt State Park.  The race is sure to invigorate your sense of purpose and self-accomplishment on the first day of the next decade!


This year the race will be especially “old-school” as the folks at DEM in Colt State Park have asked us to use the trails instead of the roadways, which means part of the course will be untreated, depending on the weather.  Please be aware of this change and plan accordingly.  More information is available on our website.

After the race, check out our new awesome local brewery partner, Twelve Guns Brewery Not only are they providing our awesome trophies, but they will be giving away a free 5 oz beer to all our participants at the post-race party – ;).  Check them out at noon on race day – free beer coupon valid on January 1st only.

Finally – we are constantly striving to get better and learn from you, our participants – what we have done right and where we can improve.  Please take our quick Year-End Survey to help us as we plan our 2020 events.

A reminder – ALL of our race entries increase on 12/31.  Sign up soon and save some $$$$!

As always, thank you for joining us and we hope to see you on the starting line soon.

Faces of the Rhode Races – Maurice Lowman aka “Marathon Panda”

This is the second post in a series written by our guest blogger – Jessica Looney.  Jessica is our Fall Semester Marketing Intern from Providence College.  A runner in her own right, Jess has been helping us craft our marketing message this semester and is completing her Senior year.  

1,432 Days and Counting… “THERE IS HOPE”

I asked Maurice, “why do you run”, and he said, “running taught me that there is HOPE for addiction, mental health, and unhappiness. Running taught me that you can change”.

“Run Streaker” and “Marathon Panda”, Maurice Lowman hasn’t missed a run for the past 1,432 days, and he doesn’t plan on missing anytime soon.

With 28 marathons under his belt, (Boston and NYC included), and many more to come, Maurice says, “why would I ever go back to chasing drugs, and alcohol, when I could chase miles and miles and miles?”As a recovering addict, each day that Maurice adds to his run streak is another day sober, and another day with his new addiction—running.

Maurice’s journey to discovering running is unique in his own regard, yet his passion for inspiring others and love for running resonates with and touches many.  Born and raised in RI, the Marathon Panda grew up never considering himself athletic, although always sort of knew the power of a good run. As he dove into his career, Maurice found himself hindered by alcohol and drug abuse. His saving grace, throughout this struggle, was the mornings he found himself lacing up his sneakers to hit the road and clear his dead. At this point, running was the only positive outlet in his life.

Because of this, when Maurice became serious about sobriety, he knew running was going to be an integral part of that journey. He began running consistently and found himself looking forward to the weekend when he had more time to run. 2013 was a turning point, as he ran his first half marathon (!!!). When he finished, overwhelmed by the amount of positivity and camaraderie at the finish line, —Maurice asked himself, “where has this been my whole life and when can I do it again?” …  Fall of 2014, Maurice ran his first marathon, and officially was hooked. He started to learn more and more about the ins and outs of the sport itself— bought himself more than one pair of sneakers and met people of all walks of life who shared his new passion.


Maurice wanted to share his journey and took to Instagram to do so. With the widespread audience on social media, he connected with people all over the world and immediately received positive feedback on his endeavors. He posts about each run on his running streak every. Single. Day. His passion and motivation to inspire others to live out their passion are contagious.

As someone who once thought there was no hope for himself, Maurice strives to show others that there is hope, and you can change. The first step is to get up and move—in a positive direction AND find something you love. Fuel that passion and let it light you up.

Check out Maurice on Instagram @marathonpandamaurice.